I. space planning designer

Job description:

1. Assist the sales personnel to complete the plan of customer order and the drawing of relevant effect drawing;

2. Drawing plan; effect drawing; modifying picture, etc.

3. Those who have experience in furniture factory are limited to consider, understand product structure and order splitting.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above in furniture design or interior design;

2. At least one year working experience in home design or home decoration design;

3. Proficient in cartography and ergonomics theory, colleagues have certain hand-painted basis and color matching;

4. Have team consciousness and service consciousness, and be familiar with drawing software;

5. Be familiar with office software, such as CAD / SketchUp / PS.

II. Product Management Engineer

Job description:

1) responsible for market analysis, product competitiveness and strategy analysis of office furniture products;

2) formulate product development plan, product atlas and product price according to market demand;

3) cooperate with R & D team to ensure the work of product from design, development to online;

4) plan the product marketing plan, organize and carry out, and ensure to achieve the market objectives of the products;

5) collect and analyze market information and customer needs through research, data reports, etc.

Job requirements:

1) work experience in durable goods industry, more than 2 years, office / furniture industry preferred;

2) have the ability of market insight, product development, management and project management of office furniture;

3) have the ability of cross department project cooperation, coordinate the work division, follow-up and implementation;

4) have at least basic English reading and writing ability (CET6 and above);

5) have the ability of using office software, PPT and tabulation; the ability of other design and typesetting software is plus sub items;

6) have mobile office between the factory and the headquarters, and travel according to the work requirements.