The song is not straight.

Straight, straight is straight.

In the chapter of Hongfan in Shangshu, King Wu of Zhou asked Jizi, the first thing Jizi replied was five elements, namely, water, fire, wood, gold and earth. Water said run down, fire said Yan up, wood said Qu Zhi, Jin Yue Yue Yue Ge, earth hence farming. It is salty to moisten the lower part, bitter to scorch the upper part, sour to bend the straight part, pungent to change the leather part, and sweet to produce.

Wood said Quzhi:

Straight for the rigid, curved for the soft, rigid and soft together;

Straight is positive, Qu is strange, and Zhenghe is wonderful.

Straight for Yang, Qu for Yin, yin and Yang complement each other;

The combination of curving and straightness is the original intention of creation!

Straight lines:

Follow the nature of materials,

It's a unique combination of ingenuity.

The most beautiful instrument,

It's a chance to make billions.

Wood is said to be curved and straight. Wood has the characteristics of growth, softness, flexion and extension. Because of this, wood furniture can still maintain the natural spirit of wood after being polished and carved. Everything in the world is also composed of curve and straight line, curved surface and straight face; the design of combination of curvature and straightness brings us a piece of exquisite furniture, and the complementary life of curvature and straightness brings us a page of colorful life.