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What can happen to a meeting? How can we solve it?

Article provenance: Guangzhou Quzhi Furniture Co., Ltd. Publication time:2019-09-18 16:58:33

The progress of science and technology affects all aspects, such as the most popular 5g event, why the U.S. government attaches so much importance to it? Is it a question of the speed of information? Because of this point, it can affect a large range, from point to surface. It's like our office furniture, which seems to be just an auxiliary furniture, but really? Related knowledge points: these furniture are known as beauty first?

For example, we have newly developed the concept of multifunctional conference room function table.



Convenient access to the Internet, use of materials; random conversion of audio and video sources; high-quality speaker recovery to ensure the quality of video and voice; projection system to carry out large screen display; remote conference system to carry out the external environment of the field test and Conference; multimedia system to carry out centralized control system management methods.


Voting and Election: improve the voting and election function on each machine and equipment of the conference and discussion system software, which is used to carry out general election and canvass. Its key machinery and equipment include;

Voting device: to attend the meeting means to carry out the canvassing; material display screen: to display information about meeting scheme, meaning, meeting background materials, voting results and other information;

Simultaneous translation: it is used for communication and exchange of international conferences. In the process of multi language conference reporting, when speaking in any language department, the simultaneous translator will translate it into other languages immediately.

Infrared induction: now the infrared induction wireless network system software is widely used, with stable characteristics, infrared induction can not cross the wall, with security;

Automatic tracking and recording system: provide high-quality live video image data and signal resources for the conference. It can be activated according to the big digital speech system, and it can accurately and quickly carry out high-definition mapping for News Spokesmen under the condition of no one's actual operation.



This multi-functional conference table covers the situations we may encounter due to meetings, and provides solutions. The performance of office furniture customization is that it can be customized according to the needs. Learn more: http://www.qvzhi.cn