These furniture are called office beauty first?

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When we choose furniture, especially when we choose office furniture, the most important thing to consider is the convenience of use. After all, if the office furniture is not used well, it will affect the efficiency of the office, but our young people also look at the beauty. Today's Xiaobian will take you to understand the choice of iron furniture! Related knowledge points: necessary meeting table for meeting




Check whether the riveting is firm, whether the bolt cap is smooth and smooth enough, whether there is burr, etc.

If it is necessary to touch an article of office furniture with your hand immediately, the surface of office furniture with iron accessories has no raised particles, bumps, dents and other marks, which means that the office furniture is qualified.

Please check whether the placement of office furniture with iron accessories is stable, not skewed or shaking. It's very important for the office table and office chair to have their feet flat.

Check whether the welding positions and bends of office furniture are firm, smooth and free of convex lines.

Because each position of office furniture with iron accessories is formed by welding, if the connection is not firm, the structure of office furniture is easy to loosen.

Selection of iron accessories:

First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the office furniture has gone through anti-corrosion solutions, such as: spraying, air oxide film, hot galvanizing, electroplating process polishing, etc.

Because of the characteristics of metal materials, it is very easy to rust in the wet and cold natural environment, so anti-corrosion is very important.

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