The boss's desk represents the strength and appearance of the company!

Article provenance: Guangzhou Quzhi Furniture Co., Ltd. Publication time:2019-10-19 18:04:44

The most important desktop in an office is undoubtedly those in the boss's office, especially the work desk. This does not mean that the boss himself should be high-profile, because the general reception of customers will see that it represents the strength and appearance of the company, which should be treated with caution. Related knowledge: custom office furniture!

In China, the boss's desk is usually made of solid wood. What are the aspects of making solid wood furniture?




Finger contact pressure

The finger joint on the length of square timber is carried out on the plywood on the finger pick-up. During the actual operation, the working pressure shall be controlled to avoid too much pressure to crack the sawn timber, and the pressure gauge shall be adjusted to the appropriate working pressure;

The connected steel parts can be unloaded after a few seconds under working pressure, and the subsequent production and processing can be carried out after the finger tenon itself is placed and dried.

Selection of adhesives

According to the selection of adhesives, melamine formaldehyde resin adhesive and polyvinyl acetate moisturizing emulsion adhesive are used in the selection of adhesives.



Finger joint

There are two types of finger joint: Trilateral and trapezoid. Trilateral finger joint is mainly used for tight connection of micro finger joint with a length of 4-8mm. It is usually trapezoid joint, which goes through the fine cutting of the edge of sawn timber, and then produces and processes finger joint in finger joint machine.

Patchwork process

The intermediate splicing process is the most likely problem for this kind of solid wood furniture. When assembling solid wood office furniture, it is necessary to consider the viscosity price, wear resistance, temperature resistance, convenient level of glue adjustment, application time length after glue adjustment, etc.


The above is the solid wood office furniture production needs to pay attention to some places, in fact, can not be the connection problem, but there is a lot of knowledge in this! Learn more about dry goods in the industry: http://www.qvzhi.cn/